Carrera versus Scalextric Digital Slot Car Track Set

2016 marked the year where many slot car companies were in a transition phase. For instance, a new company bought SCX digital. Scalextric is also in transition because they have been trying to develop a new system, which they hope will be available to the public in 2017.  So far only the Carrera brand had gotten their act together and is ready for the 2016 Christmas season. 

Scalextric Digital

This company’s philosophy is to come out with digital slot car sets along with digital chips that you can easily install in any slot car brand. Pick out any Scalextric analog car, change the chip and it is now digital for all intents and purposes. The problem is they do not have a good variety of analog slot cars that you can experiment with to go digital.  Along with the small range of cars available, there is also a need to solder the chip into the slot car for it to work.  Scalextric released the C7005 digital chip, which was designed to race using a different brand like say, Carrera analog cars on the Scalextric track. Again, this would require a bit of soldering ability.  If you were the kind of hobbyist that likes to tinker and solder stuff onto different cars then this would be like manna from heaven.  However, if you were most people that prefer a plug and play approach you would be in for a lot of hurt.

Carrera analog cars

One of the most popular is the Carrera digital 1/32 track set designed to run digital Carrera slot car systems.  You can also opt to buy a digital chip for just about any Carrera analog car and then race it on the digital slot car track.  The basic set comes with wired controllers that can race up to 4 cars at a time. You can race up to 6 wired controllers by purchasing a digital controller extension. Moreover, you can also opt for wireless controllers, which will allow you to spread out more.  Great if you have kids around the house who want to race and run after cars around the track set while holding controllers.