How To Select the Best Slot Car Track Set

It was only in 2005 that digital technology began to be applied to our fave hobby of slot car racing  Many old school slot car veterans did not like the shift from analog to digital mainly for nostalgic reasons. If you are thinking of going into this hobby but feel a bit conflicted whether or not to go old school or new, here are some tips to guide your choice.

What Space Issues?

Lack of space has often hounded analog slot car racers for as far as one can remember.  However, Carrera digital slot car tracks has removed this issue altogether. With digital you can race up to 6 cars easy on a two-lane track set which can be achieved using something as small as a 4 foot by 8 foot sheet of plywood.  If you want to go lone wolf most of the time go with analog, but if playing with your friends is your thing you can set it up easier without having to give up lots of space if you go digital.

Tinker Tailor

If you are the kind of hobbyist that likes to tinker with their slot cars then analog is the right fit for you due to the simple fact that digital slot cars cannot be hopped up so to speak. You may ask is it an absolute truth that digital slot cars are unmodifiable? Not so, they can still undergo customization but will require more technical know-how than your average beginner hobbyist.

Who will use it?

If you have younger kids that want to enjoy slot car racing, it is best that an adult is also around to guide the youngster in setting up a digital slot car system. Digital is also more expensive while analog is cheaper. If kids are going to just collide the cars for play all the time, you might be better off with analog until such time they get a feel for the hobby and treat it right.