Learning the Innumerable Benefits of the Vortex Energy in Sedona

What is a Sedona Healing vortex?  A vortex is known to be a special region on the planet where there is energy that enters into the earth or projects out of it.  Sites like the Great Pyramids of Egypt Stonehenge and Machu Picchu are known places where energy vortexes are known to be present. The Sedona healing vortex is a powerful sphere of energy that is strong enough that people are able to take huge leaps in their spiritual core.  Native Americans believe that spiritual transformation happens more rapidly in Sedona because veils to different dimensions are more transparent there.

Special Spots

In order to fully understand Sedona spiritual events, one must be able to know special spots that have been identified where the energy level is much more intense. Characterized as feminine wherein the energy is entering the earth and masculine when the energy is coming out of it.  For instance, Cathedral Rock as well as the Chapel of the Holy Cross are known to be feminine while the Bell rock and the Airport Mesa are known to be masculine.  A combination of masculine and feminine energies can be appreciated in an area called the Boynton Canyon.

What to Do

When you visit these places you will find a lot of people practicing deep meditation, energy clearings and the yoga arts.  Highly experienced energy practitioners can help you get the most out of the healing qualities that is present in a Sedona vortex  Practice deep breathing and notice immediately your heart rate going down and you feel more relaxed and at peace all of a sudden.  It is possible to feel pain from an old injury, do not worry this is natural as it is only the energy moving through your physical form and performing healing.   In the end, you will feel very good.  Connecting with a Sedona Vortex can have long lasting beneficial effects not just on your physical self but more importantly on your spiritual core.  Visit Sedona today.