Slot Car Track Landscaping Advice

Slot Car Track Landscaping Advice

Many slot car players are content with having to race indoors on the living room floor but this can become somewhat stale over time especially if you have already maxed out everything you could possibly do within the 4 corners of your living space. One way to add flair and originality to your slot car setup is to put up a dedicated place for your track and slot cars other than the living room floor.  Here are some cool digital slot car tracks landscaping advice.

Add Grass Mats

Assuming you already have a dedicated table to put your Carrera slot car sets in, one of the most dramatic items you can add would have to be grass mats. These are available in rolls and can be as large as 50 inches wide by 50 inches long.  The size really depends on how big your table is. For this to work you will require a hobby knife, sharp blade, glue and some large flat weights like old encyclopedias.


Begin with ensuring your slot car tabletop is clean and clear of track and debris because you do not want any of that gunk to become attached to the mat. Begin by unrolling the map on top of the table and letting it relax by laying it down with the grass mat facing up. The backing material can be made out of heavy paper or vinyl so it is able to adjust to room temperature. Spread glue onto the table surface only in a space as big as your first piece of grass mat. For bigger layouts you might need a wide paintbrush to spread the glue equally over the tabletop.  Lay the corner of the grass mat down with at least an inch of overlap over the table edge, working the grass mat down to the tabletop firmly. The objective is to get the grass as flat and even as possible. If you happen to have a rolling pin in the house, this can greatly help it as flat as possible.  When you have covered the entire table, get your old books and encyclopedias and use them as weights while the glue dries overnight.  The following morning, use your hobby knife to trim the edges and then lay your track plan.