Tips When Starting Out In Slot Car Racing

The three most popular brand of slot cars are Carrera, Ninco and Scalextric.  These companies have built a reputation over the years for providing hobbyists with high quality and innovative slot cars that have given hours upon hours of endless fun.  When it comes to scale, most beginners will enjoy the 1/32 model as this already contains all the bells and whistles needed for anyone to fully enjoy the world of slot car racing. 

To begin with, all slot car sets regardless of brand come complete with everything you need to enjoy this wonderful hobby.  Starter kits contain the slot car, track, controller and power supply.  When it comes to selecting which brand can provide you the best fun you need to know their similarities and differences with regard to track width, slot depth, surface texture and ease of assembly.


Carrera is by far the industry leader among the other brands of slot cars in the market today.  They offer very flexible and durable slot cars that can hold their own in almost any track or condition. The Carrera slot car tracks are also less vulnerable to temperature extremes as these are made from styrene material known to be quite durable against warping during hot weather conditions.  The rails of Carrera slot cars  contain more nickel than other slot car brands, which make them less likely to suffer from the effects of corrosion. People that love wide tracks will love Carrera as they offer the widest among the different brands.  People with lots of room will appreciate the track size but if you are constrained for space you may want to look at some of the smaller variants available as well.

Ninco Slot Car Track Sets and  Scalextric

Ninco is known to have the second widest tack size available. The Scalextric track however has become a favorite for people interested in the 1/32 scale. They have replaced their earlier black classic track, which was known to be less flexible and rougher to the new version, which is grey and offers a smoother surface. This made it popular with 1/32 home track enthusiasts who prefer a smooth tight fitting-racing surface.