Secrets to Healing the Soul

Secrets to Healing the Soul

The hustle and bustle of modern living has brought with it a loss of connection with God. We often rely too much on our own capabilities instead of focusing on our spirituality to help ease the burden of living.  According to the Sedona Spiritual Center, a damaged spirit results in anger, frustration, alienation and anxiety and these can have physical manifestations that hamper our daily living. 

Assert Your Spirit Require Healing

How can healing begin when your mind, body and soul is closed to any form of spiritual assistance? One needs to look into one’s self to know what ails them. You begin the process of healing when you open your mind, body and soul to help. When you accept that you need the help of others in order to become well you will start a path that leads to inner peace and spiritual enlightenment.

Ask for Help

Once you have accepted the notion that you cannot heal your soul by yourself alone, the next step is to be open to asking for help.  If you visit a Unity Church in Sedona you will soon realize that you are not alone in your troubles.  People that share your doubts and fears will be able to help you overcome them knowing they too are in the same boat as you. Instead of more despair and fear you will be given hope and peace.

Recognize the Healing Power of the Holy Spirit

Once help is provided you need to recognize and accept the healing power of the Holy Spirit in your life.  Known as the Breath it is the universal language that can open any tongue or ear to every form of communication.  Allow yourself to discover a natural rhythm of breath and imagine the in-breath bringing with it an unlimited amount of healing in your life.

Once you are healed you then must help others who are in the dark to find the light in their lives. Only then can you know what real peace means.