Why You Should Buy Standard Scale Model Trains

Toymakers in Germany, England and France were the first ones to make model trains using tin in the 1830s.  The age of American tin trains did not begin until the 1860s. American toymakers designed their trains using a heavy tin-plate because they discovered European trains were not that durable.

Standard Scale Model

The standard scale was trademarked by Lionel and introduced in the United States in 1906. The fact that the term Standard Gauge was not available to other train makers, competitors at the time used the term Wide Gauge to describe their standard Scale model trains. Hobbyists that collect G scale starter sets and standard scale train sets often use the terms interchangeably.

More Fun with Standard Scale

Standard scale when compared to HO scale requires more space to use. To some this may be a disadvantage but if you are already putting together the motors for garden railroads you definitely have the space for this type of train.  Bigger trains means better detail which means a higher level of authenticity.

Collecting Purposes

It is a known fact that many model-railroading collectors are either operators, collectors or a combination of both.  There is simply a lot of enjoyment that emanates from owning a standard scale model train. Choose from an almost endless array of available locomotives, track sections, cars and cabooses available.  Moreover, vintage Lionel train sets from the 1930s are prized and considered one of the most collectible ever in the genre.

Creative Outlet

Collecting model trains establish a creative outlet for you and your son to enjoy. There is an almost endless array of track layouts and detailed model landscapes to choose from ranging from a rural old west setup to a bustling Victorian era train stop.

Custom Market

There is also a subset of the market that deals with customized train sets. As a matter of fact collector and operators pay top dollar in order to get their hands on these one-of-a-kind custom sets. What makes these trains so special in the standard scale? Rarity.